The Senior Living Sustainability Guide® 

A Sustainable Approach to Senior Living Care Models, Development & Design Moving 


Beyond the Status Quo

Are you responsible for an elder-care community? Are you tired of spending most of your time and energy simply maintaining the status quo? Are you ready to explore how to increase the probability of success, and then sustain it? A new tool has been developed to assist in reaching far beyond the status quo to optimize resident and staff outcomes for existing, renovated, and new senior living projects.



For the last three years a group of dedicated volunteers from various backgrounds have participated and contributed to the creation of a consensus based guideline.  It focuses on a sustainable process that includes evaluation of organizational culture; including resident, family, and other stakeholder involvement and operational evaluation to facilitate a person-centered approach to development and design.


Sustainability is not a destination, but a process that has the ultimate desire of improving resident and staff outcomes. The ultimate measure of success is fulfilling and maintaining the resident experiences established at the onset of the project.

It is time for creating sustainable senior living projects and way past the time for accepting the status quo. The Senior Living Sustainability Guide® is a tool for its users to facilitate the opportunity for fulfilling, positive change to take place. The process outlined will assist in reaching the ultimate goals; resident and staff satisfaction and high quality of life.

Using the Guide

Once an individual registers and agrees to the Terms of Use on With Seniors in Mind website, the Senior Living Sustainability Guide® is available for free download. The Guide is set up in different sections to be utilized throughout the pre-development process, the design process and the post-occupancy and continual improvement process. The Guide provides an orderly way to approach the details involved in positive culture change.