About the Senior Living Sustainability Guide®
Process Guide

The guide is called the Senior Living Sustainability Guide® (SLSG) and the goal is to provide information for users on the different stages of senior living project development:


Evaluating site selection and tools to define a senior living project.Understand the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a potential project.


  • A predevelopment analysis process for successful site selection and tools to define a senior living project are included.
  • Defining the social-cultural context in which a project takes place
  • Identifying resident and staff population type and background
  • Identifying the appropriate care model for an organization
  • Contextual information provides a framework for a proposed project.


Information provided to further develop the detail of a specific project through four key dimensions:

  • Resident
  • Organization
  • Operations
  • Physical Setting

Each dimension includes:

  • An overview description
  • Identification of the principles of the core values and their application and implications
  • Establishment of an integrated team
  • Elements and drivers
  • Desired experiences and outcomes
  • Means for sustaining operational processes
  • Documentation and indicators 
  • The dimensions are intended to build upon one another; however they are each stand alone sections that can be utilized independently as required by a project. 
  • Most importantly, the Physical Setting is intended to support the Resident, Organization, and Operations.

If you are looking for someone to speak to about sustainability and senior living, you need to speak to Jane Rohde.
— TLC Engineer, Kim Shinn told Jane Heald

What We've Achieved

Sustainability is about bench-marking all of the outcomes:

  • Establishing a process for continual improvement.
  • Scheduling and budgeting for adjustments and changes based upon benchmarks.
  • Creating a process for continual improvement through commissioning, post occupancy evaluation, LEAN processes, flow charting, and other means for establishing consistent methods for evaluation.
  • Once baseline data is established a continual improvement plan can be established for feedback to be integrated into all four dimensions.

The Senior Living Sustainability Guide® will help you create fulfilling, positive change that results in resident and staff satisfaction and high quality of life. The ultimate measure of success is fulfilling and maintaining the resident experiences envisioned at the onset of the project.