Culture Change Via Website

Carol Woods Retirement Community Chapel Hill N.C. is launching a major 14 month campus enhancement project in the coming weeks. We are working with our general contractor Clancy & Theys Construction Company Raleigh N.C. to create a website with a link to Carol Woods' main website accessible to all residents. The site will post weekly construction updates, progress schedules, utility disruptions, parking issues and interesting major remotely observable construction events such as precast concrete deck and steel erection for the sidewalk superintendents. This information link will reduce the discontent due to construction disruption, reduce the number of questions in the hallways about the process, reduce and shorten the requisite resident information meetings. Most importantly, the website will minimize potential resident anxiety from lack of information, reduce rumor, better prepare them for the inevitable interruptions and dislocations due to construction in their daily lives and hopefully earn their buy in and enthusiasm for the whole process. Additionally, it gives the residents a feeling of being involved in the construction process or you might say consulted during construction to understand the impacts. Throughout the design process, residents have been completely involved; and now through technology they will be in touch with regular website updates!

Content provided by Robert J. Call Jr., General Contractor and Project Coordinator of Carol Woods Retirement Community.