Integrated Approach for Successful Projects

Through discussions with the volunteer committee working on continual improvements to the Senior Living Sustainability Guide®, the group confirmed the need for continuity between each stage of a project development process in order to create a successful project.   In examples discussed, the reason culture change initiatives sometimes falter, is because there is not an integrated approach that follows through an entire project process.  There may only be a single strong advocate or a person leaves a community during the process, leaving a void that does not provide consistent information to the different teams working on portions of a project.  As a result, Version 2 of the Guide will include an Advisory Council that may be made up of 3 to 5 people that provide organizational, resident care model, operational, and programming information to integrated teams that are working on specific tasks during the overall project process.  The committee recommends including residents, dedicated staff, and board members to make up the Sustainability Advisory Council.